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Vanadyl Sulfate
Vanadyl Sulfate Info

Vanadyl Sulfate Info!

Vanadyl Sulfate

Of much importance to bodybuilders is insulin and its effects on the body. It has received a lot of attention in the health community because it is responsible for regulating the transport of carbohydrates (glucose) and proteins into the muscle, liver, brain and fat cells of our bodies.

Insulin has been receiving a lot of focus over the last decade due to its responsibility for regulating the transport of carbohydrates (glucose) and proteins into the muscle, liver, brain, and fat cells of the body. Theory has been that if we could improve the performance of insulin, and hence the body's metabolism, then muscles would be able to receive more vital growth ingredients - the aformentioned muscle glycogen and proteins.

Vanadyl Sulfate has recently hit the market as an insulin mimicker. Insulin is released by the body to let the muscle cells know there is a high concentration of glucose available in the blood stream. Cells then send out glucose transporter molecules to draw glucose from the blood into the cell itself. (Ready for using as energy, or to increase glycogen levels for later use.) When blood glucose levels are back to a normal level, insulin levels also fall. Vanadyl Sulfate's importance to bodybuilders is that it is able to trigger these glucose transporters in the same way as insulin, obviously meaning increased glycogen levels, and better assimilation of protein by muscle tissue.

So what is the exact effect of vanadyl sulfate in a workout? Well, increased glycogen levels means more energy, faster recuperation, and less breakdown of muscle protein for use as an energy source. Combined with a higher level of protein assimilation into muscle, means faster gains in muscle size and strength. The higher glycogen levels providing more energy also means you will be able to push out more reps, or use a heavier weight, providing more stimulus for muscle growth. Also, there is the positive side effect of the muscles becoming larger and harder, with a permanently pumped appearance from the extra stores of glycogen.

Vanadium is one of the heavy metals, and it has a high degree of toxidity, so there are concerns about the safety of using vanadyl sulfate. Also, some are cautious when it comes to insulin and blood sugar levels. However, vanadyl sulfate is the least toxic form of vanadium, and it has been shown conclusively that dosages less than 60mg per day are safe. (Note: some studies have also shown up to 120mg a day being safe, but the validity of these, and also the safety of continued high levels is doubtful.)

Vanadyl sulfate has been tested with diabetic animals and shown to normalize their high blood glucose levels. After continued high dosages there were no toxic side effects, including damage to the liver and kidneys. Vanadyl sulfate is a safe and effective means of increasing stores of muscle glycogen, with a long history of safe results for diabetics and bodybuilders. The recommended dosage is between 30 and 40mg per day depending on bodyweight (180 lbs+). It should be cycled on a 3 week on, 2 week off, or 3 month on, 2 week off basis. Vanadyl sulfate must be taken with carbohydrates, or the biggest effect noticed in the gym will be dizziness.

NOTE: I received great effects from vanadyl sulfate - most noticebly a fat loss leading to more vascularity, and an increase in power and energy in my workouts. This was on a dosage of 30mg daily. I will be using VS again, and will probably increase the dosage to 60mg (the sort of dosage recommended by those on misc.fitness.weights, including Dan Duchaine). Unfortunately, I just can't afford it at the moment!

Vanadyl Sulfate Info And Products

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Supplements Containing Vanadyl Sulfate:

Pure Vanadyl Sulfate Products

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Biochem Vanadyl Sulfate, 180 Capsules
Eclipse 2000 Vanadyl Sulfate, 10mg/100 Tablets
Ultimate Nutrition Vanadyl Sulfate, 10mg/150 Tablets

Other Vanadyl Sulfate Products

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4Ever Fit C4 2, 566 Grams
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Biochem Sugar Balance, 90 Capsules
Bioplex HyperPlex, 2 Lbs
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Bioplex HyperPlex, 3.3 Lbs.
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Bricker Labs Big-V Original, 180 Capsules
Bricker Labs Big-V Triple Strength, 180 Capsules
Dymatize NOV, 180 Caplets
Eclipse 2000 Vanadyl XX, 180 Tablets
Kaizen Max V3, 180 Capsules
Pride Nutrition Dialed-In, 100 Capsules
S.A.N. Loaded, 60 Capsules
SciFit Cell Fit, 4 Lbs.
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Universal Cell Pro, 1000 Grams
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