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Tribulus Supplements
Tribulus Supplements

Tribulus Terrestris

This plant is taken because it is believed to have a synergistic effect when taken in combination with DHEA. The herb has a long history in Eastern medicine. For 5,000 years it has been used in China and India to boost hormone production in men and women, and treat urinary tract problems, itchy skin and blood purification. Studies have shown that some products which contain Tribulus result in a significant increase in circulating testosterone levels. One explanation for this is that Tribulus stimulates the secretion of leutinizing hormone (LH), a gonad - stimulating hormone produced by the pituitary gland. In some cases, an increase in the level of estradiol also occurred. Thus while this herb could enhance GH secretion and overal mass increases, this could bode poorly for those who are highly susceptible to Gyno or insulin resistance. Bodybuilders are taking Tribulus supplements as part of a supplement stack.

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