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Introduction to Stimulants

Introduction to Stimulants


During the competitive and very pressured times of pre contest dieting in professional bodybuilding, many pros opt to find ways which will give them an advantage, which may be very different than the usual expectations. With the strict dieting taking place in the weeks prior to a big show, pro bodybuilders may find their energy and strength levels dwindling, and the use of stimulants may help to give them that extra edge. The most commonly used (and relative safe) stimulant is caffeine. Caffeine is taken in the form of coffee, tea, soft drinks, and even caffeine tablets. But as tolerance and physiological desire develops, the use of much more notorious and dangerous stimulants, such as cocaine and amphetamines, may develop in some individuals.

Before Using Stimulants

Before using stimulants for any reason, contact a licenced medical practitioner in your area, and if at all possible, use the stimulants under his or her care. It is very important to discuss potential side effects, effects the stimulants may have on other medication you may be taking, and understand the consequences of any other adverse reaction. By contacting your physician, you can prevent any undesirable and potentially threatening results which may arise from the use of stimulants. If you do purchase stimulants for use, do not purchase them from black market sources, as the quality of these substances is not regulated. As well, many other potential dangers come into play. For example, you may think you are acquiring a stimulant, when in fact it is laced with another drug, or is another drug altogether. This can lead to many adverse life problems, including addictions and other health consequences. When you do begin to take stimulants, do not take more than you require if that means posing a health risk. Stick to a low dose, and limit your frequency of use. As discussed earlier, some very big problems could arise if you were to become addicted or tolerant of stimulants. Never take a stimulant for longer than two days in a row. Do not smoke, inject, or snort stimulants, as this causes a rapid entry into the bloodstream. As a result, the “high” achieved by the use of stimulants is higher, and the “low” which follows is a much more depressing crash. Always use stimulants for a specific reason which will help you and be a benefit in your life. Do not mix stimulants with depressants, as they both have opposite effects on one another. Mixing the two may be dangerous, and has even resulted in the deaths of several people in the past. In a perfect world, stimulants may not be needed, but in the fast paced world we live in, they are used by many people to get things done. Be sure to be safe, above everything else.

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