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A Fat Burning Diet
A Fat Burning Diet

A Fat Burning Diet

Break your meals up into 5-6 small, even meals through out the day. This may be difficult at first for those of you who are used to 1-2 meals per day. But believe me, your energy will greatly improve and so will your metabolism. By eating small meals every 3 hours (or so) your body is constantly being supplied with a stream of essential nutrients. This will keep your energy levels high and your hunger low! Preventing cravings and mood swings is key to reaching a desirable weight.

This may come as a big surprise but you need to drink water! Shocking development. The truth is most people don't drink enough water. Water helps turn your body's hunger switch off and your full switch on! It also ensure that essential fat burning nutrients make it to their final destinations.

How much should you eat? Well just enough so you are not hungry... but are not full. Comfortable.

Protein is the key. With EACH meal you should be sure to have a lean source of protein. Good sources are: eggs, fish, lean red meat, low fat cottage cheese, chicken or turkey, protein powders, meal replacements and soy.

Beware of too many carbohydrates. Ideally each meal should also contain carbohydrates. Some of the best sources of carbs to eat daily are: vegetables, fruit, beans, regular oatmeal, low fat milk, seeds and nuts and did I mention vegetables and fruits, and last but not least fruits and veggies. You get the point. Breads. pastas, crackers, rice, muffins etc... should be used sparingly maybe 1-2 small servings per day. And obviously soda and fast food are on the "I don't think so" list.

"Fat-free" is getting the boot back to the 80's where it should be. WHAT?? It's true. Good fats are important in a weight loss program. Including some fat at each meal actually helps prevent extra fat from being stored in your body. It also helps you feel fuller, longer. Some good sources: olive oil, nuts and seeds, low fat cheese, natural peanut butter, egg yolks, low fat mayos (also most protein contains some good fat).

Cheat day. Excuse me... come again. Well there is no reason not to allow your self one day per week (my favorite is Saturday night) where you can eat outside of the realm for a meal or too. I'm not talking about gorging on 3 pizzas but a glass of wine or a dessert or maybe even a piece of Aunt Nancy's homemade lasagna at the barbeque will satisfy your desire for something a little different. Being "good" 61/2 days per week deserves a reward now doesn't it?

Good Luck with your new fat burner and your new fat burning diet!

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