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Cyclodextrin Prohormones
Cyclodextrin Prohormones

Cyclodextrin Prohormones can make all the difference in the world.

Every week we’re getting more and more emails confirming what we’ve long expected: cyclodextrin complexes of prohormones are extremely effective at producing significant gains in strength and muscle mass.

In fact, cyclodextrin complexes may make all the difference in the world when it comes to overall effectiveness.

UMN Subscriber Scott’s comments are revealing.

“I started out approx. 5 mths. ago taking EAS Andro-6. I really didn't see much impact from it. In the last 2 mth.'s I've switched to a powder form of 4-Androdiol / 19-Nor stack taken sublingually that I complexed myself with cyclodextrins. The results so far have been outstanding! I weighed in at approx. 185 lbs. when I started , and I'm now weighing in at a solid 204 lbs.! My bench has increased from using 225 lbs. for 6 reps on my last set, to the same amount of rep.'s- but using 315 lbs.! I've gained huge strength increases in virtually all exercises. I also supplement my diet with quality creatine, whey protein, and of course vitamins/ proper diet. I think that prohormones are definitely worth the investment if you're serious about making gains. I think it's very important to research where you're getting them from- completely- to ensure you're getting what the company says you are. Anyway, that's my two cents worth!”

Thanks Scott!—you’re not alone. For a variety of reasons, many people are finding cyclodextrin complexes to be the way to go with prohormone supplementation.

These complexes are taken sublingually—under the tongue—so they enter the blood stream directly. This likely results in higher efficiency rates, increased safety, quicker effectiveness, decreased side-effects, and more.

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