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Creatine Non Responder
Creatine Non Responder

What is a Creatine Non Responder?

A creatine "non responder" is an individual who correctly supplements with creatine and experiences no noticeable improvements in strength, muscle mass or endurance. However, no studies have been yet reported on this concept, and as a result, it is highly possible that individuals who do not respond well to creatine are lacking in other areas, ie, training, nutrition or overall water intake. Otherwise, a lack of response to creatine supplementation is likely due to genetics if all factors of proper supplementation are adhered to, in which case, alternative supplements should be experiemented with to see if they get results.

There is no way to test before-hand to see if you will or will not respond to creatine. The only way to find out is to try it and see. Some tips are listed below so you can determine whether or not you are a creatine non-responder:

Use it!

Purchase some creatine and follow the recommended intake. From there, be sure to train intensely and focus on proper nutrition. As an additional tip, focus on water intake. Try to drink 1-1.5 gallons of water per day. Try to avoid drinks like coffee, tea, hot chocolate and alcohol as they will drain water from your body causing dehydration and with this reduced body fluid level, it will be harder to maximize gains from creatine. Water is essential. With creatine, results are pretty fast and good. Many people use it and gain as much as 7-11 lbs within one month. If you are working out properly as well as eating a sufficient amount of calories and protein, and drinking enough water, you should expect results within your first month of supplementing with creatine. If at the end of the first month you have seen no results, then it is a possibility that your body is not responding to the supplementation. Just remember, gains made while using creatine can come either in the form of gains in strength or gains in muscle mass, or gains in both. If you are not experiencing improvements in muscle mass quantity but are getting considerably stronger, than it is likely that your body is, in fact, responding to the creatine, just not in terms of developing muscle mass. Those gains should come in time through use of the supplement, as strength and muscle mass go hand in hand.

Alternate Supplements:


If creatine does not work for you, it is still wise to invest in a protein powder. Protein offers many benefits. For one, the biological value of the protein found in protein powders is higher than even the best natural source, which are whole eggs. The quality protein is designed in a lab and has the correct amino acid combination required for perfect usability for your body, and specifically, for muscle gaining ability! Everyone can digest protein, so even if your body is not responding to creatine, protein is a wise investment because additional protein will help anyone to gain muscle mass.


Glutamine is another great supplement, used primarily to speed recovery. Glutamine is also known to help the immune system, and as a result, people supplement with glutamine who don't even work out! It is a great supplement if you are working out with intensity in the gym several days a week and are looking for an edge to help you speed up recovery between workouts. Based on the increased recovery time, Glutamine is a great supplement to take if your goal is to speed up your gains. It will allow you to work a little bit harder and a bit more often towards your muscle mass goals. Fewer individuals using glutamine report a lack of response compared to creatine.

So, everything considered, the best thing to do would be to give creatine a try. It is more likely than not that it will help you make gains in muscle mass and strength. If not, giving creatine a try will help you determine if it is right for you. If it isn't, there are many other supplements available which can help you with your goals.

As always, email me if you have any questions or concerns regarding this article.

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